WCRC Leadership

WCRC Leadership

Executive Committee

Chairman: Robert Hupman

Vice-Chairman: Amber Morris

Secretary: Tom McFadden, Jr.

Treasurer: Leslie Mathews

Fork Magisterial Chair: Charles Mills

Happy Creek Magisterial District Chair: Amber Morris

North River Magisterial District Chair:  Thomas McFadden Sr

Shenandoah Magisterial District Chair: James Bergida

South River Magisterial District Chair: Stephen Kurtz

Finance Chairman: Joseph Sladky

Non-Voting Members of Executive Committee

Cheryl Cullers: South River District, Warren County Board of Supervisors

Delores Oates: North River District, Warren County Board of Supervisors

Constitutional Officers

John Bell: Commonwealth Attorney

Jamie Spiker: Treasurer

Sherry Sours: Commissioner of Revenue

Angie Moore: Clerk of Circuit Court

Front Royal Mayor and Town Council

Lori Cockrell: Mayor

Wayne Sealock: Vice-Mayor

Amber Morris: Town Council

Josh Ingram: Town Council

School Board

North River: Melanie Salins

Happy Creek: Antoinette Funk

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