Candidates November 2023

Candidates November 2023

Town Council

  • Connie Marshner
  • Melissa DeDomenico-Payne

Board of Supervisors

  • John Stanmeyer - Shenandoah District 
  • Rich Jamieson - North River District 
  • Cheryl Cullers - South River District 

School Board

  • Leslie Mathews - South River District 
  • Tom McFadden, Jr. - Shenandoah District 
  • Melanie Salins - North River District 


  • Crystal Cline

Commissioner of the Revenue 

  • Sherry Sours

Clerk of County Court

  • Angie Moore

Commonwealth's Attorney

  • John Bell 

Treasurer of Warren County

  • Janice Shanks 

House of Delegates: District 33 Seat

  • Todd Gilbert 

House of Delegates: District 31 Seat

  • Delores Oates

Virginia State Senate: District 1 Seat

  • Timmy French

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